Protecting Your Windows VPS

To protect your Windows Virtual Private Server you can use a variety of tools and techniques. First, make sure to not disclose your password to anyone other than an employee of RyTech Hosting. Anytime you share your password, it makes it your Windows VPS more susceptible to intrusion by others. As for anti-virus tools, you can use any anti-virus utility as long as you do not install a Firewall with it. This will block all access to your Windows VPS, by blocking the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). If this happens you must submit a ticket with your log in information so that we can disable any port-blocking (firewall) on your Windows Virtual Private Server.

Here is a checklist for a secure Windows VPS:

1. Run a program such as Spybot weekly to check for anything that might be malicious.

2. Do not share your passwords with anyone besides employees of RyTech Hosting.

3. Do not share your server IP with anyone besides employees of RyTech Hosting.

4. Do not install a Firewall on your Windows VPS, since it can block access to the VPS.

5. Install a free/paid anti-virus solution if you want real-time scanning.


There you have it :) A safe and secure Windows Virtual Private Server

-RyTech Hosting

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